A perfect solution for the Kootenay window, Honeycomb blinds have a clean and efficient design and
come in a myriad of color and fabric choices.

Energy efficient insulation

The fabric cells in single or double rows serve to trap air and provide excellent insulation in both summer
and winter, significantly increasing energy efficiency for you home.

As in nature the Honeycomb design’s efficiency translates to functionality well, with smooth
operating solutions to suit your needs.

Light filtering abilities / Light blocking abilities

Tailoring your solution from our numerous suppliers we can offer an unrivalled selection of
fabrics, colours, opacities, shapes and forms. Strategic use of the right form and fabric to meet
your priorities and needs.

We offer a full gradient of opacities from Sheer to Blackout.

Noise Reduction

For those busier situations, Honeycomb blinds are excellent ear-muffs for your windows.

Take Control your way

Tailored for you budget we offer a diverse range of operations for your honeycomb blinds. We
supply the very latest in cutting edge technologies being delivered from our many suppliers.

● Smooth cordless controls
● Various Clutch-operated manual operations
● Motorized and automated options